How To Extract Images From Google Docs Document In 2 Clicks

If you work with Google Docs document, you may have noticed that the app does not allow you to copy images directly from the document to your clipboard. But maybe you want to use those images elsewhere, such as in a photo gallery in your local system. So how do you go about extracting those images? In this article, I will share a very easy solution that will show you how you can extract all images from any Google Docs document, in just 2 clicks!

Easily extract all Images from Google Docs document in just 2 clicks

Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Open up the Google Docs document that you wish to extract images from. Click on the “File” menu.
  2. Find the “Download as” option and hover over it. You will notice that a sub-menu opens up that gives you the different formats in which you can download the current open Google Docs document. Simply click on the last option, i.e. Web Page (.html, zipped). Checkout the screenshot below:

    Extract Images from Google Docs document

    Extract Images from Google Docs document

That’s it! Google Docs will automatically start downloading the zip file. Once the download finishes, simply unzip it. You will notice a folder called “images“. This folder will contain all the images contained in the Google Doc. So there you have it!


Hope you found this 2-Click solution to extract images from Google Docs document to be useful. Share your thoughts and other tips and tricks by commenting below.

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