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    How To Extract Images From Google Docs Document In 2 Clicks

    If you work with Google Docs document, you may have noticed that the app does not allow you to copy images directly from the document to your clipboard. But maybe you want to use those images elsewhere, such as in a photo gallery in your local system. So how do you go about extracting those images? […]

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    Easily Set Auto Increment In phpMyAdmin To Any Value Of Your Choice

    So you wish to manually set auto increment in phpMyAdmin? If yes, this article will show you how to do it very easily. In fact, I am going to share two way of setting auto increment. One way would be to start the count from the number “1” and the other would be to start […]

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    Increase phpMyAdmin Session Timeout To More Than 1440 Seconds

    If you work with phpMyAdmin, you may have come across a nasty message that says: “No activity within 1440 seconds; please log in again”. This message is shown because phpMyAdmin has a session timeout time limit of 1440 seconds i.e. 24 minutes. So if you are away from your desk for at least 24 minutes and […]

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    Easily Upgrade phpMyAdmin For Wamp Server In Localhost To Any Version

    If you are PHP developer and use phpMyAdmin, then you know how exciting and important it could be to harness all the latest features that phpMyAdmin includes in its releases. So the question arises now. If you wish to use all the latest features, do you know how to upgrade just the phpMyAdmin part for Wamp […]

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    How To Increase Page Rank In Search Engines Including Google

    Have you been wondering how to increase Page Rank of your website so that it appears higher and ranks better in search engines? Do you know what a Page Rank actually is and how you can increase it to increase your website visibility and drive more traffic via the search engines to your website? In […]

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    What Is Website Heat Map? Why To & How To Use Heat Map for Website?

    Do you want to increase your website’s conversion rate and make more profits? If your answer is yes, then a very simple solution is to use a Website Heatmap. In this article, I am going to give you an introduction as to what a heat map really is and how it could be useful to […]

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    What Is Creative Commons & How To Use It To Share Content Online

    Let’s say that you are an author and/or publisher of original digital content and wish to share this content with others. At the same time you wish to specify the rules for doing so. Do you know how to do this? Or let’s say you wish to use other work for your own purpose. Do you […]

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    jQuery Remove Multiple Classes Examples / Demos

    Are you wanting to use jQuery to remove multiple classes from different elements such as Textbox, Textarea, Select Drop down, Div, Image or any other html element? If yes, here are different examples with Demo that will show you how to do just that. Read on for more info.

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    Joomla or WordPress? What Should You Choose And Why?

    Let’s face it. You now have this dreaded question because you are about to embark on your blogging/website building journey. You have narrowed down your selection to two main competitors namely WordPress and Joomla. Now you need to decide which of these platforms is good for you. The aim of this article is to compare […]