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    Free Cron Generator To Generate Cron Job Syntax Online

    Have you ever wanted to be able to generate Cron Job Syntax easily without having to worry about tackling the technical part of writing the syntax? If yes, then you are a going to love this article. I am pleased to announce the release of a new product of Extreme Web Design’s Labs, called the […]

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    PHP / UNIX Timestamp Generator and Converter

    If you are a Web Developer, then at one point of the time you may have come across UNIX Timestamps. If yes, then you know that a timestamp by itself, doesn’t tell you much about the date it represents until and unless it is converted into human readable format. At the same time, if you […]

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    Free Online MySQL Query Generator

    Are you a Web Developer wanting to increase your productivity and cut down on the development time? Do you wish to make your web development process error-free & finish your work in the shortest possible time? If yes, then here is a great tool for you. It’s called: “MySQL Generator“.  In this article, I am going […]

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    PHP Date Time Format Generator

    Have you always struggled to remember the PHP equivalent for the Date, Month, Year and Time representations? Have you ever found it frustrating to make mistakes when you need a specific Date/Time format? If yes, then all your frustrations end right now. In this article, I am going to share a tool that will help […]

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    jQuery Cheat Sheet With Examples & Demos

    Here is the compiled Cheat Sheet of the different Selectors, Attributes, Manipulation, Traversing, Events and Effects available in jQuery. The aim of this cheat sheet is not just to provide with the list, but also to provide easy examples for your better understanding. In addition to this, you can simply try the Demo associated with each […]

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    What Is Website Heat Map? Why To & How To Use Heat Map for Website?

    Do you want to increase your website’s conversion rate and make more profits? If your answer is yes, then a very simple solution is to use a Website Heatmap. In this article, I am going to give you an introduction as to what a heat map really is and how it could be useful to […]

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    Email Marketing Basics: All You Need To Get Started Easily

    Email marketing is an excellent choice of online marketing medium. You can use it for various purposes, the main reasons being the intent to sell your product an/or your services to others, for online publicity, build a reader/fan base, etc. It is a very powerful tool that will help yield great results, when used effectively and correctly. Very often, […]

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    20 Valid Tricks To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

    I have been a member of Google AdSense for about 6 years now. And I have seen much change when it comes to Google AdSense. Back in the days, it was really simple and easy to apply for Google AdSense account and getting approved quickly was piece of cake. Things were really and simple in […]

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    Quick Review Of Top 10 Best Tech Blogs Of 2013

    If you are looking for Technology related information and on the hunt for best tech blogs of 2013, then this article is for you. I am going to share my review on the 10 of the best, top technology blogs out there today. These tech blogs provide tips, tricks, reviews and lots of other useful […]